The Convenience and Challenges of Keyless Car Entry Systems

The evolution of automotive technology has brought forth numerous advancements, and one notable feature is the keyless entry system in modern cars. This innovative technology offers users the convenience of unlocking and starting their vehicles without physically inserting a key. Instead, it relies on a remote key fob to transmit signals to the car’s receiver. … Read more

Baojun Yunduo 2023: The Latest Electric Marvel from Wuling Motors

Electric vehicles have been revolutionizing the automotive industry, and Wuling Motors, a renowned Chinese manufacturer, is at the forefront of this green mobility revolution. The brand’s most famous electric car, the Wuling Air EV, has gained widespread popularity in Indonesia. However, Wuling Motors has an impressive lineup of electrified models, and their latest addition, the … Read more

Suzuki Indonesia Offers Exciting Test Drive Program for Hybrid Models

Suzuki Indonesia, represented by PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS), is introducing a captivating program for prospective customers. The program encourages test drives and purchases of Suzuki’s electrified hybrid vehicles, including the Ertiga Hybrid, XL7 Hybrid, and Grand Vitara. According to Donny Saputra, the 4W Marketing Director of PT SIS, this initiative responds to the surging … Read more

Suzuki XL7 Hybrid: The Eco-Friendly and Economical Choice for Modern Drivers

In today’s world, the growing concern for environmental conservation has led to a significant shift in the automotive industry towards eco-friendly technologies. Among the pioneers in this movement is Suzuki, which has introduced its Smart Hybrid Vehicle technology (SHVS) in the Suzuki XL7 Hybrid, a remarkable SUV that reduces its carbon footprint and brings economic … Read more

Suzuki S-Presso 2023: A New Dawn of City Crossover Innovation

The Suzuki S-Presso 2023 has entered the Indonesian automotive stage through the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS). With many captivating improvements, this city car with a crossover flair has drawn considerable attention from auto enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the key features that make the S-Presso stand out in the competitive automotive landscape. Enhanced Spion with … Read more

Avanza-izing Your Transmover: A Complete Upgrade Guide

For Toyota Transmover owners aiming to elevate their vehicle’s appearance and features to match the genuine Avanza, numerous upgrades are available to achieve the desired transformation. The Transmover, designed for the fleet market, embraces simplicity in its design. Still, with a few modifications, it can emulate the style and functionality of the Avanza. This article … Read more