Beating the Heat: The Fastest Way to Cool Your Car Cabin

There are at least five simple techniques to reduce the heat in a car cabin, but which is the fastest in making the interior temperature cool again? Hot weather will undoubtedly increase the car cabin’s temperature during the dry season. Parking in an open area elevates the cabin’s temperature, especially when the car is parked without a cover for an extended period, turning the interior into a scorching oven. This situation might be unavoidable when no parking area is available in a building or with a roof. Consequently, the unbearable heat disappears instantly when the engine and car AC are turned on, which is the situation you most desire to restore the interior temperature to normal.

Ways to Reduce Heat in a Car Cabin:

Car AC: Turning on the AC can return the cabin’s temperature to normal, but how quickly? There are several other ways to cool down the car cabin quickly after exposure to sunlight all day. Of course, starting the engine, activating the AC, and setting it to the lowest temperature are often considered the most effective method to expel this heat. But is this approach the fastest way to reduce the car cabin’s heat?

Cooling Spray on Seats: A practical way to restore the car’s temperature to normal after exposure to the sun for hours is by spraying cooling spray on the seats for about 5 seconds, then fully opening the windows without turning on the AC. However, after observation, this technique only reduces the interior temperature to about 50.1 degrees, even after 3 minutes.

Open and Close Doors Five Times: First, open all windows for rapid air circulation. Another simple method is to open all windows and doors, then close the doors with the windows remaining fully open. Repeat this process at least 5 times, similar to the flapping technique, but without turning on the AC. However, this second method without AC only lowers the cabin temperature to 47.5 degrees, so the heat is still noticeable.

Please turn on the AC Without Opening Windows: This is the technique we mentioned earlier, turning on the engine and activating the AC with the lowest temperature setting without opening the windows. Does this method truly effectively dispel the heat in the cabin? Indeed, the air temperature immediately drops to 27.5 degrees, but only after 10 minutes.

Open Windows and Drive: The last technique, which surprisingly turns out to be the most effective method for reducing the heat inside the car, is opening all windows and driving the car. Once the hot air has been expelled, continue by activating the AC to circulate the air inside the cabin even faster. If you do this, the temperature will immediately drop to 29.5 degrees and continue to decrease according to the AC setting within the next 10 minutes.

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