Avanza-izing Your Transmover: A Complete Upgrade Guide

For Toyota Transmover owners aiming to elevate their vehicle’s appearance and features to match the genuine Avanza, numerous upgrades are available to achieve the desired transformation. The Transmover, designed for the fleet market, embraces simplicity in its design. Still, with a few modifications, it can emulate the style and functionality of the Avanza. This article provides a comprehensive guide for Toyota Transmover owners on how to upgrade their vehicles and attain a remarkable resemblance to the Avanza.

Exterior Upgrades:

To begin the transformation, focus on the exterior enhancements. Consider the following upgrades:

Fog Lamps and Chrome-Accented Grill: Integrate fog lamps into the bumper to improve visibility during unfavorable weather conditions. Additionally, adding a chrome-accented grill will impart a refined look reminiscent of the Avanza G model.

Upgraded Wheels: Swap the standard steel rims with Avanza G’s wheels or opt for aftermarket wheels of the appropriate size, such as 16 inches, to ensure a comfortable driving experience.

Side Molding and Mud Guards: Enhance the side profile by adding side moldings and mudguards to protect the body and complement the overall appearance.

Electric Mirrors and Side Visors: Upgrade the manual mirrors to electric ones for convenience and add side visors to give the vehicle a sleeker Avanza-like appearance.

Rear Reflector Lamps and Roof Spoiler: Install reflector lamps alongside the stop lamp and mount a spoiler on the roof for a rear-end design akin to the Avanza G.

Interior and Entertainment:

The interior can be revamped to elevate the comfort and entertainment levels. Here are some suggestions:

Touchscreen Head Unit: Replace the existing entertainment system with a touchscreen head unit from various aftermarket sources for a modern and interactive experience.

Center Console Armrest: Enhance the convenience and storage options in the cabin by adding an armrest in the center console, benefiting both the driver and the front passenger.

Comfort and Functionality for Third-Row Passengers:

To cater to the needs of third-row passengers, consider implementing the following upgrades:

Cover Body for Third-Row Seats: As the Transmover lacks a built-in cover body for third-row seats, adding this feature will enhance comfort and reduce external noise for passengers.

Seat Covers and Cabin Insulation:

Ensure the interior remains in pristine condition and provide added comfort with the following upgrades:

Seat Covers: Protect the fabric of the seats and simplify the cleaning process by using durable and stylish seat covers.

Cabin Insulation: Improve the cabin’s acoustic properties and thermal comfort by applying insulation material to the floor, doors, inner body, and roof.

Engine Bay Heat Insulation:

Lastly, safeguard the engine bay and maintain its appearance with the following addition:

Engine Bay Heat Insulation: Apply heat insulation to the engine bay to minimize heat transfer and protect the engine cover from rust due to exposure to rainwater.


With these upgrades, Toyota Transmover owners can transform their vehicles into impressive replicas of the Avanza. From exterior enhancements to interior comforts, these modifications ensure an elevated driving experience for owners and passengers alike. Embrace these changes, and let your Toyota Transmover reflect the style and features of the genuine Avanza.

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